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White Wolf Systems LLC

Bill Whittington
Sr. Director for Marketing

Mr. Bill Whittington was Born in Memphis, Tennessee and attended High School at the Kentucky Military Institute.   Our Marketing Director obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Davidson College and a Master of Arts from the University of South Carolina.  He joined the United States Army upon graduation and remained with the Army for 32 years retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1994 after completing two combat tours in Vietnam serving with Infantry and Ranger units.  Other tours included Defense Intelligence Agency, the 82nd Airborne Division, 25th Infantry Division, US Embassy in Jordan, and as the Liaison Officer to the US Air Force at Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. After joining White Wolf Systems Bill has become integral in providing high performance High Frequency (HF) antennas for the military and government through White Wolf products and our supply vendors.  Bill's ability and capability to understand what a customer requires combined wth his background in a full range of communications systems currently in the field, brings to White Wolf Systems a strategic capability of providing our customers with a custom fit, form and function solution that meets or exceeds operational requirements and expectations.

With our teams of experts we have been fortunate to work all over the world in the Communications sectors.  We have worked in the United States, Canada, South America, Alaska and the Aleutian Chains, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, and Taiwan.  In the course of our work we have set up major ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) systems for the US Coast Guard, Indonesian and Malaysian Military, and assisted in many others.  We have the expertise to set up an ALE Network through approved spectrum allowances, select the communications equipment and the antenna systems that make the most sense for the missions and install the complete package.  Finally we have expertise in FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) and SOVT (System Operation Verification Testing) to provide the customer a finished and operations system. 

About Us

Kurt Stephens

CEO & and Antenna Design Engineer

Mr. Kurt Stephens is a 30 year Veteran of the US. Coast Guard who served in Aviation, Shipboard and LORAN electronics.  Mr. Stephens began his career as an Avionics Technician and promoted to Senior Chief before accepting his commission as an Electronics Warrant Officer.  During this time he served as an Avionics Officer, Special Electronics Officer, Engineering Officer for OPBAT (Operation Bahamas and Turks), Electronics Officer on the USCGC Northland, and Commanding Officer of LORAN Station Shoal Cove.  Following the completion of his military career he began his new career in the military industrial complex as a Systems Engineer, Sr. Systems Engineer, Staff Engineer, Business Development Manager and then Director of Business development .  With a abundance of product ideas and concepts Mr. Stephens started White Wolf Systems with his wife and a single idea for a new breed of HF Antenna targeting a special forces scenario.  From that initial concept a host of products developed.  Additionally other products from established vendors were adopted to provide a turn key solution for established mission scenarios and concepts. 

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