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White Wolf Systems LLC

White Wolf Systems exemplifies the Anywhere, Anytime motto. Our engineers can design an antenna system, build it for you, test and deploy it anywhere in the world. Additionally we can install any electronics system for the customer as required. Our team has worked in extreme venues like Alaska's mainland and island chains, Guam, Hawaii, Indonesia and Malaysia, South and Central America to name a few.


We are well versed in Homeland Security, Maritime Domain Awareness, and Anti Piracy on the High Seas areas of work. We have extensive experience in the Avionics, Land Fixed/Mobile, Maritime and Anti-Piracy environments. White Wolf Systems has successfully completed installations for many large companies serving the US Government, Military and commercial customers. We employ ex-military personnel with skills sets that cannot be found in today's markets. Please call with your requirements.

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If you stand behind me I will protect you

If you stand with me I will respect you

If you fight beside me I will call you brother

They cannot hide, we will defeat them ................

Painting by Greg Beecham

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