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White Wolf Systems is pleased to offer a variety of radio equipment for HF communications.  We are currently carrying MICOM HF SSB (ALE) radios new and used.   Order delivery times are 6-8 weeks for new equipment.  We are also providing antenna's for HF equipment. Most notably is the WIMA tuned whip antenna that mounts on a SWAM (Swing Away Mount for a square hitch receiver), and the HLA NVIS Magnetic Half Loop antenna for vehicles.  This is an amazing antenna system.

The MICOM family of radios are High Frequency Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) DSP radios that are paramilitary/commercial in design.  These are very hardy radios that meet Military Standards for Environmental and ALE.  They are perfect for Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) or Ham radio operators.  Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) has always been a strong point for MICOM radios since they rarely fail.  The receivers are Software Defined Receivers that are software controlled and firmware upgradable from MOBAT USA.  Computer Control and Programming software (MRC) and Radio Programming Software can be purchased at MOBAT as well.  Spec Sheets are easily obtainable from the internet.  All radios are checked for full operation before shipping, they will not be DOA.  Shipping costs are to your location, they are what they are.  All sales are final, we do not take returns or trade-in equipment.

HF Radio Equipment

We have the following:

MICOM F2265 AutoTuners
WIMA Tuned Whips
HLA-125 Vehicle NVIS Loops

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