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White Wolf Systems LLC

White Wolf Systems News:

White Wolf Systems begins training for HF Theory and in the Field practice for Special Forces With TSE Recon.

White Wolf Systems  a provider of HF Antennas to Codan Radio.

White Wolf Systems adds WOLVERINE a new lightweight HF Broadband 2-30MHz Sloper Directional Antenna system, Tactical and Fixed.

White Wolf Products now have assigned National Stock Numbers and available on GSA.

White Wolf Systems products now on GSA Contract through TSE (Tactical Support Equipment) located near Ft. Bragg, NC. and ADS.

White Wolf Systems is supplying the new Wolf Pack and Wolf 150 antennas to Canadian SOF units.

White Wolf systems recently teamed with Codan Radio to win the US Army contract to supply 135 Whiskey Broadband HF antennas.

White Wolf Systems won and supplied the US Coast Guard Diplexer replacement contract for CAMSPAC HF site.

White Wolf Systems is now a dealer for Rugged Cameras for Commercial, Military and Government markets. These cameras are remotely controlled for Maritime, Aviation, Vehicles and Ground Stations.

White Wolf Systems has designed an RF sense board for HiQ antennas for use in their HF ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) line of antennas. The board allows HiQ antennas to be used with any Military ALE radios. It operates by sensing the RF from the transceiver and automatically tuning the HiQ antenna to the correct frequency to nearly eliminate SWR and provide full power to a matched antenna system.

US Navy testing: The Wolf Antenna testing is now complete with excellent results. Testing was for a special purpose mission where the benefits of size, weight, and performance were key to a successful completion of the mission.

Army MARS testing Completed: US Army MARS had completed testing of the Whiskey and Wolf antenna systems with amazing results.

USSOCOM Testing Ongoing: Wolf antenna testing has been moved into deeper and more rugged terrain as a result of excellent performance in 4-6 thousand foot terrain for further testing. This is for Air to Ground back-up communications.

White Wolf Systems recently completed a Consulting contract with Yulista on the KC-135 Airborne Refueling Aircraft and the Intercom Systems.

White Wolf Systems has developed a new HF antenna for the military and government. A small lightweight and efficient system in a bag that can be quickly deployed and taken down for "On the Move" customers. The Wolf Comes in 25, 150, 400, and 1Kw versions.

White Wolf Systems has developed a new HF Broadband Antenna system that is unusually small in comparison to existing antennas of its type.

White Wolf Antennas are now manufactured in a ISO 9001 facility.

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