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Rapid Deployment Mast System

Ruff Ride Weatherproof Mobile PTZ
with Vibration Dampening System

White Wolf Systems LLC

The Rapid Deployment Mast (RDM) is a newly designed mast system that is our answer to similar masts including the expensive Rola Tube mast.  It is a two part mast that snaps together with each part extendable.  The length of the mast sections is 31 inches when stowed in the carry bag.  The height when fully extended is approx. 14ft.  This makes the mast perfect for NVIS antenna configurations, Inverted V, and Sloper directional methods.  The hoisting halyard allows for a multitude of heights through the use of the pulley and tie off at the height you want.  This mast system is fiberglass and contains the guy ropes, top plate, bottom plate and stakes.  The top plate can be used to mount a 30-512MHz antenna and HF antenna to provide a 2-512MHz capability in one kit. It is very lightweight at 9 pounds.  This mast system is popular with military and with government 1st responders.  Manufactured in the USA.   

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