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White Wolf Systems LLC

Baluns,Transformers,Power Splitters and High Power Diplexers

White Wolf Systems Tactical Series of transformers are rugged and lightweight, ideal for inclusion in transportable HF antenna systems. Combinations of power rating and impedance transformation ratio provide the antenna designer with a wide selection of units to complement most antenna configurations.

    Broad band 1.5 to 32 MHz
    Power – 50 Watt to 1 kW
    Lightweight fibreglass body
    Transportable application

The transformers are housed in extremely strong fibre glass bodies, hermetically sealed with low loss resin and suitable for any environment. The input coaxial connector is protected within the specially formed body and the transformer itself is grounded as an added protection against static and lightning induced EMF’s.  A spigoted version, type TAS, is available for use with our range of masts.

White Wolf Sysrtems also provides High Power Diplexers for HF and other bands as supplied to the US Coast Guard.

White Wolf Systems provides HF Power Splitters for multi-antennas on a single mast as supplied to the US Coast Guard in Nome, Attu Island, Cold Bay Alaska and other venues.

HF10 Series – 1kW HF Wide Band Antenna Matching Transformer

The HF10 Series of antenna matching transformers are fully encapsulated heavy duty units designed for the most arduous environmental conditions.

The transformers are housed in a cast aluminium case, vacuum impregnated with epoxy resin and finished in epoxy paint for added protection. High purity alumina ceramic insulators with arcing horns are fitted as standard and an integral static drain to earth provides additional protection against lightning induced EMF’s.

    Wide band 1.5 to 32 MHz
    1 kW average, 4kW PEP
    All weather solid encapsulated
    Fixed station or transportable antenna arrays

For added EMP proof operation no capacitors are used in the transformer circuit. A wide selection of unbalanced and balanced impedance ratios are available to complement most antenna configurations and enquiries for non-standard arrangements are welcome. No compromise has been made to provide a unit of the highest standard of reliability.

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