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White Wolf Systems is well known in the Communications industry for its expertise.  Shown are one of two portable self powered Communications Platforms known as Cougar and Puma.  These platforms contained the complete spectrum of radio equipment both commercial and military.  Full encryption capability was built into the systems.  The entire package could be pulled by a small truck or loaded on a military aircraft for action in any part of the world.  Being self powered they used wind and solar to keep the UPS system fully charged.  In times of cloud cover or little wind the tiny diesel generator would automatically turn on and charge the system to full capacity while using very little fuel.  A typical fuel usage example was a trip to the Bahamas for 42 days of 24hr operations with only 6 gallons of diesel fuel consumed.  As a communications platform there are many options to be considered when purchasing.  The addition of a insect impregnated tent system with black out windows can be added to house a crew of up to 12 people.  Operations with this system can include a portable Aviation Control Station complete with wind sock and homing beacon, homeland security operations center with Radar, AIS, C4I, Drug Enforcement, Border Patrol and US Customs mission support.  If you can think of it we can build it to your standards.  Pictures: Clearwater, FL, Interior, Guantanamo, Cuba.

Deployed White Wolf Systems
           Self Powered
Communications Platform

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