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HF Fixed Loop 3-30Mhz Antennas

The White Wolf Systems HF NVIS Loop operates from 3-30 MHz in the HF spectrum and are designed for Field Operations and Fixed Locations. The fixed location Loop is physically larger than the Vehicular Loop. Included with the loop is a automatic tuner that can work with any radio system through a “learning process” for often used fixed frequencies or for ALE nets of frequencies. Once programmed this antenna system operates seamlessly within the network for thousands of dollar less than other brands. This Loop is a very rugged antenna system that is manually raised or lowered for clearance or stealth when not in use. Installation is quick and simple, adaptable to any situation, Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) properties of the HF Loop are a tremendous advantage over other antenna systems in areas of mountains and jungle operations. Teamed with a quality HF radio system the HF Loop outperforms all other types of antennas for the designed purpose. We have two versions of fixed station loop antennas  available which operate on both NVIS and long distance sky-wave propagation modes across full HF Spectrum.

Fixed Wire Loop

Tubular Fixed Loop

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