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HF Mobile LOOP 3-15MHz (NVIS)

TX Power Input Range 1.5-200 Watts PEP

Continuous TX CW/Data Power 80W

Number of operating channelsUnlimited

Non-Volatile Channel

Memory Addresses 170 (165 TX, 5 RX)

Input Impedance Range 50 ohms

VSWR Typically less than

2:1 when tuned,

(3:1 max)

DC Operating Range +10.0V to 18.5V DC,

(+13.8 V DC nominal)

24V DC nominal also

available on request

DC Current 230 mA average

Initial tuning response time

(initial memory setting only) 2 - 20 sec per channel

Recurrent tuning response

time (on-air use inc. freq hopping)Typically less than

10 ms per channel

Operational Temperature -35° to +70°C

Coaxial Cable RG58 5m in length

Power Cable 2 Core screened,

5m in length

The White Wolf Systems Mobile NVIS loop is the solution for vehicular communications. Unlike whip antennas this system will provide excellent communications in the 0-500 mile range using NVIS techniques and is small enough to fit on most vehicles. The operational range of the system is 3-15mhz and will cover regional communications quite well. The small form fit of the antenna allows different mounting on a vehicle surface. Ground Plane or counterpoise is not required. Whether you are using a fixed frequency or running ALE (Automatic Link Establishement) modes the Mobile Loop will excell.

We have used this antenna in the mountains and in the jungle with amazing results. When traversing heavy foliage the antenna can be folded flat along the roof to prevent damage and erected when clear of obstacles. This system employs a mechanical erection system but can be ordered with an electrical system to provide this function. We recommend the mechancical system to reduce any possibility of of failure and readiness. The antenna can be raised or lowered simply by hand.

This antenna is the most rugged system we have encountered in the mobile HF loop category. The built in Tuner is protected by the loop on its heavy duty mount. Tuning is a breeze, dial the radio to the frequency being used and key the radio in AM or in CW for minimum SWR. Once completed for the frequencies the memory will always take you to the correct LC for that channel in 2-20ms.

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