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NX Series

White Wolf Systems LLC

Military Antenna and Sensor Masts

White Wolf Systems is a provider of Military Antenna and sensor MASTS in Pneumatic, Push-UP and Winch packages.  We offer high quality, durable masts, with heights between 3 to 60 metres. Our masts undergo stringent tests, including MIL-810 testing, and are renowned to be robust and reliable even in the harshest environments, requiring very little maintenance.  Our Mast prices are the best in the industry and we cover the full spectrum of Mast scenarios up to 420kg head loads.  Whether your requirement is for a lightweight manpack version or a heavy sensor package we can provide the solution.  


Quick erect and tak-down RolaTube Masts are also available for manpack and field deployments.

Call (443-995-2228) for your information on your Mast requirements or email Bill Whittington at

NH Series

NL Series

HD(Heavy Duty Series

NY Series

NK Series

NX Series

Swift Mast

Rolatube Masts

PA-30 Aluminum Mast Kit

PFC 9 and 12 Masts


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