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Sensor/Antenna Positioners
The SMC MIL-810 standard pan and tilt positioner is robust and proven reliable in even the harshest of environments. It has a carrying capacity of 30 kg and has a variety of control options, e.g. PC interface or handheld controller.

The SMC Group originally designed and manufactured the MIL-810 pan and tilt for the French military. Subsequently thousands have been used across the defence industry, due to its exceptional performance, low maintenance in the field and consistent reliability.

    MIL-810 Standard
    Carrying capacity of 30 kg
    IP66 weatherproof
    Precision ball bearings ensure the unit remains square on both axes
    Stainless steel shafts and fittings eliminate corrosion
    Internal limit adjustment
    Resilience to extreme weather conditions
    All metal gear transmission
    Low backlash for stability in high winds
    Ironless rotor motors
    Carrying capacity of 6kg
    External limit adjustment
    IP67 weatherproofing of pan and tilt
    Low backlash
    Battery powered from 4 AA batteries
    Regenerative braking
    External power over a range of voltages
    Corrosion resistant materials

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