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Wolf Pack HF/VHF MANPACK Antenna

The Wolf Pack 25watt HF/VHF antenna is an extremely lightweight and efficient version of the renouned "WOLF" Antenna for Man Pack radio deployment.  Designed for NVIS to Regional propagation the Wolf Pack antenna excels in performance.  Power rating is 25 watts Data and 50 watts PEP. This antenna covers 2-60Mhz reducing the requirement for an additional VHF antenna system reducing costs to the customer.  Total weight of the complete Antenna and carry bag is 4.8lbs.

The Wolf Pack antenna is a broadband/wideband and does not require a tuner/coupler further reducing customer costs.  

The design of the Wolf Pack antenna is a direct result of input from field operators for easing mission requirements of weight, form, fit, function and efficiency for the man pack radio operator.  

This is a rapid deployment antenna system that is contained in a easy to carry canvas bag.  Included are the antenna, hoisting Halyard, coax cable (BNC), combined Balun/Load,  and antenna end tie down stakes.

The Wolf Pack HF/VHF antenna system can be configured as a NVIS Flat Top antenna, Mid-Range Inverted "V", or as a Sloper Antenna for directionality. Wolf Pack and Wolf antennas can be purchased as WolfKit or WolfPack Kit with the added 5Meter Roll Up Mast System.

WOLF PACK Antenna Kit

NSN 5985-01-652-1208

VSWR Max HF 2.1:1, VHF 3.0:1

      Combined Balun and Load          25w Data/50w PEP

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