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"Wolf" Tactical NVIS Broadband/Wideband Antenna

In HF communications the antenna is always the problem and the solution.  The "Wolf" Tactical NVIS Broadband/Wideband Antenna is a new product for White Wolf Systems.  It is a Folded Dipole design that maximizes efficiency while minimizing physical size and dimensions.  Using the same wire as the "Whiskey" antenna this small and lightweight (5lbs with Bag) system has no wire memory to deal with in the field !!  Simply roll it up and stuff it back into the carry bag which can be body worn, attached to a Rucksack or web belt. Of course you could always just toss it in the back of the Humvee.

Performance of the "Wolf" antenna is unparalleled when compared to other antennas of its type in the 2-60MHz spectrum.  This is also indicated in the minimal VSWR or reflected power that is felt by the HF Radio.  Maximum VSWR for the Wolf is at 1.5 to one with an average of 1.2 to one across the HF bands.  Models include Manpack 25w (rated at 50w) and 150w (rated at 200w).

Average set up time for the "Wolf" antenna is about 3-4 minutes once a mast is set up by the user.  Simply connect the coax cable from the radio, hoist it up and you are ready to operate !!  This system eliminates the requirement of an antenna coupler or tuner saving costs to the consumer and eliminating a "failure point" in the system.  

The "Wolf Antenna" is manufactured in an ISO 9001 shop where standards are held to the highest in the industry.  

Rugged is the Key Word in this design !!  The balun and load are of the highest quality and extremely rugged in manufacture.  The tactical wire is Kevlar Core with PVC outer coating.  Should the wire be broken simply peel back the PVC coating and twist the wire's together to continue with the operation.  Some electrical tape will protect the junction until it can be properly repaired.

Call for Kit options for the Wolf including quick erect roll up Mast options to 5 meters (16ft).  Patent Pending.

For more information on this product please contact Mr. Bill Whittington at 443-995-2228 or Email:

Current Pricing:  Call for Pricing and Quantity discounts !


ALE shots from Tampa, Florida
Wolf "Beach" Deploy
RolaTube Roll Up Mast

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