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HF 2-30MHz Broadband Sloper Antenna

The Wolverine HF Sloper Antenna is a Broadband directional Communications system that employs a very low angle propagation for extended downrange communications targeted at a specific area.   The Wolverine comes in two models that are specific to mobile/portable or fixed /semi-fixed  operations scenarios.  The Tactical short version is very lightweight and meant for operators on the move where lightweight low profile antennas are a plus.  Very quick setup and takedown are key to this model and NOT requiring a tuner/coupler adds to the cost savings.   HF Sloper designs lend themselves to focusing the available transmit power  to a direction that is needed for communications while reducing the noise levels associated with other antenna types.  Less noise, more power focused in the direction you want means better communications.  This is particularily important with low power Man-Pack radio systems normally at 20watts output.  This version has two 50ft legs and uses a height of 5-7meters .  When  used with our  Roll-Up mast (Wolverine Kit) you have a completed system in a lightweight bag.  

        The Extended Wolverine (Total 100ft legs) employs a second wire set  that increases gain and would be used in areas with more room.  This version uses a mast height of  7-9meters.  The extension  adds very little weight to the kit.

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