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US Patent # D706749         NSN 5985-01-652-1778

  In HF Communications the antenna is always the problem and the solution. The Whiskey or “W” antenna is a multiwire, broadband/wideband (2-30 mHz) omnidirectional NVIS (Plus) antenna with the capability to reach HF stations within the range between 1 and 2500 miles.  The antenna is constructed of Mil-Std 810C tested materials and is built for tactical or permanent communications utilizing a single, center mast of 30 feet in height. Setup may be done by one or by two individuals and requires approximately 30 minutes (45 with mast setup) after training.  The Whiskey weighs 41 lbs and is manufactured in an ISO 9001 shop.

The antenna is not a grounded antenna and requires no groundplane, therefore is ideal for rooftop, hanger top or hardstand setup. Its small footprint ( 86 by 27 ft) and lower balun height increases the potential for restricted area installation. NEC patterns reveal that the antenna is truly omnidirectional, NVIS at the lower third of the frequency range, and having multiple radiation lobes which provide intermediate-range capablity (2500 miles) at the middle and upper third of the HF range.  There is no ‘dead spot’ in the transmission patterns over the entire frequency band. With its very strong NVIS performance, the antenna is ideal for operations in mountainous or jungle terrain.

The "Whiskey" Antenna is also perfect for WIDEBAND transmissions with 24KHz wide transmissions.
The SWR for the antenna averages 1.5 to 1 across the band with a maximum of 1.8 to 1 at 4 mHz, again requiring no tuner/coupler.  This feature is valuable for ALE communications eliminating the lag time required for the coupler on tuned antennas.  The antenna is instantly responsive to any and all frequencies. Analog or digital, encrypted or unencrypted transmissions are equally easy and are a function of the radio rather than the antenna which may be used with any HF radio.It is also an excellent receive antenna due to the quantity of wire and net-like design.  

Power rating for the standard “W” is I kW continuous and the antenna can be built for power up to 5 kW with an enhanced balun and larger resistors.  Wind rating for the antenna is 90 mph with standard stakes.  This system can also be used for lower power applications.

The antenna utilizes a 50 ft length of RG213 coax to connect to the radio and comes with a male “N” connector at both coax ends and connects directly into the radio.  There is no grounding requirement however protection against lightning is recommended. For close-in NVIS connections the antenna may be placed 1/4 wavelength above the ground at frequency for 0-400 miles. Using this technique would also achieve a greater degree of covert operations where a tall mast could be seen.

Please contact Bill Whittington of  White Wolf Systems, LLC, for more information about the “W” antenna and its performance capabilities, employment techniques and effectiveness as a field antenna.

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